New England Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association

Honor Roll


Ken Roberts
Howard Abrahamson                  Kenneth Jay
Stanley Bernatowicz                  John Kallock
Lawrence Briggs**                  Albert Loeffler
Paul Beaver                    Robert McIntire,Sr.
Dave Boland                Donald C. McKelvie,Jr 
Paul Bourdeau                      Bernie O'Rourke
Ralph Carlston                       John Osbourne
Kenneth Chapin                          Phil Perrino
James Downie                         William Quinn
Bill Fortin                             George Ritchie
Francis Geissler                   Robert C. Smith
Gerald Gingrass                            Ted Smith
David W. Grieve                  Richard Stewart
Ray Gunn                               Allyn Stillman
Raymond Hamilton                 Robert Stirling 
Verie Hartwell                       Fred Streeter
John Heslin,Jr.                      James Tedesco
Charles Jasman                        Andy Wilson
Francesco Scarcella.           Ted Szymkowicz
Stewart Schmidt.                      Lou DiNobile
Jack Breetveld.                 John Budynkiewicz
It all started on January 19, 1963 during a National Coaches Athletic Association (NSCAA) meeting at the Manhatten Hotel in New York City.
A group of officials, concerned with the importance of national uniformity and consistency in rules interpretation. decided to create a National Association of Intercollegiate Soccer Officials.
The group headed by LARRY BRIGGS (then coach for the University of Mass) was composed of James Walder (known as the Dean of Officials),  John Kalloch, Harry Rodgers, Joe Morrone , Bill Rosenthal, Larry King, Ray Kraft and Al Loeffler.  These dedicated pioneers worked diligently throughout the year preparing the necessary background to have an organizational meeting.
After the Constitution was written by Joe Morrone, the chair and sub-committee chairs met on July 13,1963 to finalize plans for the formation of the Association.  The Committee met throughout the fall of 1963 in preparation of the meeting that took place at the Manhatten Hotel in New York City on Saturday,January 11, 1964.  The results of this meeting was the creation of the NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE SOCCER OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION.
LARRY BRIGGS WAS THE HEAD OF THIS GROUP AND ORGANIZER.  IT IS FOR THIS REASON, AND FOR THE FACT THAT HE WAS FROM NEW ENGLAND, THAT WE PRESENT THIS AWARD IN HIS NAME.   Larry Briggs along with James Walder designed the present emblem of NISOA and is a replica of the 'Eastern Penn and NISOA emblem, since which time the design has been retained with only the name being different, that which it is now.  Larry Briggs also received the NISOA Honor Award, the second year of its existence in 1967 with the first being given in 1966 to James Walder, from Pennsylvania(who had served as the first President.
Information obtained from the NISOA 1964-1994 History Book.