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STATUS: Please check your name on the roster. PLEASE be sure to notify thru this website of any changes in your address or phonenumber when they occur. In addition,please let us know if you have any objectionto your email address,home address or home phone number being listed.Please, unless you are in a witness protection program, advise youremail address if it is not currently listed on the roster.If a problemarises, we can notify you, otherwise you may be wondering why you arenot getting assignments, unnecessarily.
We have taken those items which are ongoing, and relate to the requirementsnecessary to insure 'GOOD STANDING', and moved them to a new 'POLICY' Link.We strongly suggest that you consult that link on a regular basis to insure thatyou satisfy NEISOA requirements. This will allow us to use the 'NEWSLETTER' Linkfor more current postings.
This Issue                       April, 2019
1., John McKay
2. Carlos Fernandes
3. New Unifirms
4. Ethics
6. OSI COUPONS ***************
7. NEISOA CODE OF ETHICS                                        
It is with great sadness to mention to you that one of our great members John McKay passed away
last night. John was a dedicated person to the game of soccer always being a Referee,
Giving Assessments, and Advice at any given time. He will be sadly missed.
As I receive arraignments for funeral and wake  I will pass it along.
PVSOA President
Dave DelBuono
A Liturgy of Christian Burial will be held for John on Wednesday,
May 15, 2019 at 10:00am at St. Elizabeth Parish, family and friends
are asked to gather at the church directly as Father James McCurry
will be celebrating mass. Later that day on Wednesday night from 5:00-7:00pm
the family will be receiving friends and family at the Ludlow Funeral Home.
Burial for John will be held on Thursday, May 16, at 11:00am at the
Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam.
John’s family has asked to send donations to Shriners Hospital
or St. John the Baptist School in lieu of flowers.
The dates/sites for the required meeting and PT testing will be posted on the calendar link of the website on May 12
For the 2019 season, the NCAA has added a rule related to Water Breaks.
each school will be required to have a device ( WBGT) that measures temp/humidity. When the measurement
exceeds 86°F, before or during the match, the referee is required to call for two minute hydration breaks at 25-30min
in the first half & @ 70-75min in second half at normal stoppages in play. Additional breaks, at referee discretion 
are also permissable. Referees are expected to keep the coachs in the loop .
Effective 4/25/2019, the Chapter Contact for the Eastern Mass ISOA will be Carlos Fernandes. Members of the 
Eastern Mass Chapter are advised to contact Carlos on any issues related to their status. You pay your dues
to the Chapter Contact.
The Executive Board voted, on January 13, to adopt a policy wherein Game Assignors are not eligible to serve
on the Executive Board. It is considered to be a conflict of interest and compromises the ability of the
Executive Board to have discussion and take actions on issues related to game assignments.
New NISOA Uniform Design
The NISOA Executive Board is pleased to announce three new uniform shirts and a new sock design for 2018.
Thanks to our official sponsor and partner, OSI, the uniform shirts are availableto currently registered NISOA members at a deeply discounted price for a limited time only. If you buy a complete set of all three colorsin both sleeve lengths, you can save more than the cost of your 2018 NISOA national dues. These are NOT mandatory for 2018. Your existing uniforms are still appropriate as long as all members of the crew are dressed with the same uniform and it is a NISOA approved shirt.
However, contrary to an instruction you may have received from NEAR, NISOA has a stated uniform policy that
you are expected, as a NISOA member, to wear a NISOA approved uniform at college games in order to preserve your
status as a member in Good Standing..... USSF uniforms are not approved.

This is a restatement of a policy that has been on this website for 10 years
We have a membership that has earned the game fees paid, thru dues payment, meeting attendance,
PT testing  and adherance to NISOA Ethics Code. It is simply a negative reflection on the values of 
those who would support the assignment of Non Nisoa officials to college games
Reminders: NISOA officials cannot accept an assignment to officiate a collegiate game with a non-NISOA official. Article 7,Section 2 covers this situation.Check your assignments to be sure that your partners are NEISOA members in good standing.If you are working for an unapproved assignor, be sure that they are aware of your exposure. The burden is upon you to check the NEISOA Roster and make sure that your partner(s) are members of NEISOA.
Please go to the forms link and open the form on NCAA Registration.  It describes a new NCAA Registration process which will be used to determine who is eligible to officiate Post-Season NCAA Tournament games, Basically, you will be asked to pay for that privilege
Any member who feels qualified to meet the requirements of the National Referee Applicant is encouraged to complete the application,which may be found on the NISOA site, and submit it to your Chapter Contact so that it may be forwarded on. These applications must be submitted to the Regional area Coordinator before March 31 
 The Executive Board has voted to no longer accept excuses for missing the mandatory meeting. Anyone who cannot attend the mandatory meeting will be subject to a penalty of $ 150.00. The penalty must be paid prior to  Sept 1 or themember will be suspended for the current season.Appeals must be in writing to Bill Carey before October 1. If the appeal is accepted, your penalty will be returned.If it is denied, you may appeal in person at the December 10 Executive Board Meeting
Correct Address
A Reminder. If you expect to receive an NCAA Rule Book or any other Correspondence from NISOA, it will only happen if they have yourcorrect current address. If you have had a change of address in the recent past, please be sure to notify us so that we can get that information to the right person at NISOA. 
We have a number of our officials who are current members of theNational Referee Program. We take pride in their accomplishmentsand wish to acknowledge their achievement. On our roster, theNational Referees have the designation (N) alongside their name.


2018 NISOA Referee of the Week; Week 8