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The ARCHIVES page is intended to be a reference site for historical postings which are no longer of current interest on the newsletter. It also will be used to post other historical data peculiar to NEISOA.
1. List of past NEISOA Presidents
2. Joe Machnik's 'Keys to Successful Refereeing'
3. Zero Tolerance(Bill Klein)
4. ECAC 2000 fee schedule
5. Nanci Fortin, Hall of Fame
6. NEISOA Dues change
7. 2003 Rules Changes
8- 2004 member deletions
Following is a listing of past presidents of NEISOA:
1970  John Orsborne     1972 Charles Jasman    1974 Dave Grieve
1976  Ed Tartaglia      1978 Charles Jasman    1980 Bill Beane
1981  Art Hamm          1983 Phil Perrino      1985 Stan Bernatowicz
1987  Ted Szymkowicz    1989 Stu Schmidt       1991 Bill Klein
1993  Bill Fortin       1995 Bill Adams        1997 Bill Carey
1999  Lou DiNobile      2001 Joe O'Brien       2003 Bill Klein
2005  Joe Miller        2007 Bradley Fogg      2009 Bob Catalini
2011  Jack Breetveld    2013 Phil Acebo        2015 Joe Diament
2017  Sal Corsino.      2019 Mike Violette.    2021 Michele Beagan
The Mandatory Meeting in Meriden was held on August 5,2000. The featuredspeaker was Dr Joe Machnik and, as usual, he held the membership inthe palm of his hand for 1-1/2 hours.By request, following is a list of Dr. Machnik's 'Keys to Successful Refereeing'
1.Be in charge.The referee is in charge of the game and his/her calls dictate how the game will be played.Do not allow things to get out ofhand early on. Avoid advantage until game control is established.
2.There are certain key periods during the game when a refereehas to work extra hard to stay on top of things.The 1st fifteen minutesof each half is very essential as the Referee establishes game control and flow.The last 15-20 minutes of each half is even more demanding asfatigue becomes a factor, resulting in mistakes and frustration.
3.Try to stay within 10-15 yards of play whenever possible Imagine that a television camera is following the play. You want to be on the fringes of the picture to the side, so that you have a good view of the action.
4.Prevent violence by preventing frustration. Calling the simple holding fouls will prevent a player's tendency to lash out at the player holding him with an elbow.once game control has been achieved, then the referee can allow the game to flow more freely.
5.Stamp out serious foul play & acts that have no place in thegame,including over the ball tackles, tackles into the Achilles tendon, elbows to the head and off the ball fouls.
6.Dissent can not be tolerated. These include abuse of Assistant Referees, visible gestures, confrontations in the face of the referee, and packs of players chasing an official.
7.Get 10 yards during free kicks. Failure to do so undermines credibility of the referee and results in erosion of control.
8.Communication and teamwork with Assistant Referees is vital Make sure that eye contact is established and information exchanged at every stoppage.
9.Read the body language of players. Deal with trash talking, prevent off the ball holding/pushing, and diffuse aggressive attitudesthat do not belong in  the game.
10.All players must be protected. referees insure that skillful players will have the opportunity to exhibit their athletic abilities.
If we provide a safe environment for the talent to be showcased, then the game will flow and that is what makes the game a joy to watch
One situation that has caused confusion on the field relates to what happens when a player is injured.  When does the injured player have to leave the field?  And what are the 're-entry' options?  Rule 5-5-e states that an injured player must leave the field when the referee stops the clock.  If the injured player is substituted for, it constitutes a regular substitution, and the restrictions concerning re-entry apply.  Only in the second period could this player 're-enter.'  Of course if a card was given to an opponent who caused the injury, or if the player must leave due to bleeding or blood on the uniform, a 'non-charged substitution' may be made.  The affected team does not have to play short. If the player is not substituted for (team plays 'short'), the player may return 'during the run of play' when beckoned on by the referee or assistant  referee.  In this situation (only) the injured player may re-enter the field of play from anywhere - - he or she does not have to enter from midfield.  One additional point to mention is the fact that under NCAA Rules the goal keeper is exempt from the mandatory substitution requirement when the referee stops the clock.  (Under High School Federation rules, the goal keeper
would also have to leave the field.)   
So what does this mean to the referee?  The referee should not automatically stop the clock to check on the condition of a player who has apparently sustained an injury.  Let the clock run until you are sure the player needs to be attended to.  The timekeeper should be instructed to keep the clock running when there is an injured player, until the referee signals for time to stop. Of course if a player is clearly injured to the extent that he or she will have to be attended to,  you should stop the clock immediately, and beckon the trainer onto the field. Complete your player assessment as quickly as possible so as not to waste time - - especially important near the end of periods when the score is close.  Since the player can re-enter 'on the fly,'  it would be best to stop the clock when little time remains,  forcing the player to leave the game, at least momentarily, rather than upset the other team due to what might be a time wasting tactic.  If the coach of the injured player is upset that you stopped the clock, and are making the player leave,  appease the The fee schedule for ECAC games this year (2000) is as follows:
Dual System                        Diagonal System
Varsity  $118.00 (flat)            DIV 1  Ref $148.00 plus mileage
    JV   $ 70.00                          Line$ 95.00 (flat)
                                 Div 2&3  Ref $139.00 (flat)      
                                          Line$ 90.00 (flat)
YEAR 2000 Fee Schedule:
Dual System Varsity:$121.00 FLAT    DSC  DIV 1   REF $152.00(plus mileage)
            JV      $ 70.00                       AR  $ 98.00 FLAT
                                         DIV 2&3 REF  $142.00 FLAT
                                                  AR  $ 92.00 FLAT
Mileage:50-74 miles  $15.00
        75-99 miles  $25.00
      100-249 miles  $35.00
It is with a great deal of pride that we acknowledge the induction of one of our own,Nanci Fortin (CCT), into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta,NY. Her countless and valuable contributions to the game and to NISOA are deeply appreciated. Congratulations Nanci !!
DUES: The national(NISOA) dues is increasing to $70 for the year 2002. This, in addition to NEISOA fee, raises your dues obligation to $95, to be paid to your chapter contact by November 15. Individual chapters may have additional local fees. Check with your Chapter Contact for specifics.
Simoes,Gabriel(i)    RI       1994     401-438-4786 
 2003 Rule Changes
There probably will be some fine tuning prior to our Mandatory Meeting in August, but here is brief summary of what to expect for the upcoming season.
- There will be no substitution re-entry in either half
- The clock will only stop for substitution in the last five minutes of the second period.
- Multicolored nets will be allowed
- Goalkeeper strikes opponent with ball, caution & free kick from point of contact
- Exchange game rosters 15 minutes before game, meet with captains 10 minutes before game
- Overtime policy and procedure remain unchanged from 2002
- For a complete description go to:
Please join in congratulating Rev Bob O'Dierna (NH) on his being selected as NISOA Region 1, Referee of the Year for the 2004 season. 'O'Die' has been been a consistent reflection of the highest ideals of NISOA/NEISOA since 1980 and it is with great pride that we acknowledge his selection for this award.
please ask thru this website.
The meeting was held in Groton on 8/7. After the opening greeting by President Klein, our featured speaker was Dr Dina Gentile, Endicott College. She gave an illuminating talk from the coach perspective and then participated in an open panel discussion with Ken Roberts,John Buckley,Joe Miller,Ed Rae,Noel Cotterell& Steve Rossetti. Noah Yannie did an outstanding job as moderator for this segment. The afternoon session had John Buckley presenting the New Rules, followed  by Ted Szymcowicz with the election on new officers. Joe Miller(CT) was selected as President and Brad Fogg (ME) was elected as Vice President.  Joe Miller brought the meeting to a close with awards, nicely capped off with a standing ovation for our 35 year members, who laid the foundation for NEISOA. dropped 1/05
Grunert,June(p)(i)   EM       2002     781-477-0665
Vannederpelt,Charles EM       1984     508-626-0417
Metz,Steven          NH       1979     603-544-8663
Scarsella,Frank(i)   EM       1977     781-449-3362
O'Connell,Robert(i)  NH       1982     603-778-9511
Shaw,Kevin(p)        NH       2003     603-387-4778
Meader,Cathy         PV       1987     413-737-7539
Ayers,Bob (i)        PV       1991     413-789-1294
Priest,Nicholas(p)   PV       2003     413-433-8349
Menoff,Joe(ra)       VT       1984     802-468-5087
Giuliano,Fran(i)     CMA      1968     508-829-2225
Kelley,John(p)(i)    CMA      2003     508-835-4235
Mann,Marshall(i)     OS       1992     401-828-3316
NISOA is offering an outstanding opportunity for development, as well as for prospective NISOA candidates, in the form of a $200 scholarship to either of two camps being conducted this summer. Normally this is a $350 expense, but if you register as noted, it would cost only $150 net. Please go to the NISOA link, or request thru this website, and complete the registration form.
CAMP Dates:  Carthage College, Kenosha, WI.--June 10 - 14, 2005 ( Joe Miller) 
              Elizabethtown College, PA.----- -July 10 -14, 2005 (Bill Fortin) 
REGISTRATION DUE DATES :  BEFORE MAY 1, 2005 for Carthage College 
                         BEFORE JUNE 1, 2005 for Elizabethtown College 
ELIGIBILITY:  Any person with high school, youth, amateur or  college soccer officiating experience, who is 18 years  of age or older. It is with a great deal of sadness that we report the passing of one of our members.Gabriel Simoes (RI), an outstanding soccer player and official, passed away on September 12th after a relatively short illness. 
Noah Yannie has resigned as State Rep for New Hampshire and has transferred to Florida. That position will be filled by Dave Bruno.We owe Noah a huge debt of gratitude for his service. He has been a major influence in upgrading the quality of officiating in NEISOA.
We would like acknowledge and congratulate one of our own, Noel Cotterell (EMA) on being selected as Massachusetts
Adult Referee of the Year (2004) for USSF.After 18 years of coaching in the college ranks, Noel became a NEISOA member in 2003 and had a terrific year. Congratulations,Noel!!
If a few faces seem familiar to you when watching professional soccer on television, it is no mistake. Our own Gus St. Silva,Peter Kokolski, Ed Rezendes & Eric Simmons have been in the center on several MLS matchs. Rachel Woo has been referee in several WUSA games.Tom Supple & Bahij Salman are regular Assistant Referees in the MLS as well.And Richard Eddy (CCT) was recognized for his abilities with an assignment in the 2002 MLS Cup Game at Foxboro.We take great pride in having their names on our NEISOA Roster.
b> Mandatory Meeting Attendance
The Executive Board, at the December meeting, voted to have the President, in his opening remarks,stipulate that all members must pick up their membership card at the conclusion of the mandatory meeting.  Those members failing to do so shall be deemed as not having met their meeting responsibility and will be subject to the game assessment fine for missing the mandatory meeting as outlined in Article 7, Section 3 of the NEISOA Constitution.
The 2005 Annual Mandatory meeting of the NEISOA was held on Saturday,August 6 at Falmouth HS in Falmouth,Maine. Registration  began at 8:30am with the clinic starting at 9:30am.  After opening remarks by President Joe Miller, Greg Dugas made a presentation on physical fitness,a summary of which may be found at the bottom of this newsletter link.This was followed by a 'Critical Incidents' session presented by Gunther Sihler and the New Rules as described by NEISOA Rules
Interpreter, Dr John Buckley.
ECAC Soccer Commissioner, Steve Rossetti, then gave his pre-season talk and Jim Triplett followed with an illuminating session on Legal Issues, as they pertain to NISOA officials. The final segment started with the presentation of Service Awards to 10,15,20,25&30year members, a vote to make Francesco Scarcella an Honorary Life Member and concluded with the Business Meeting conducted by Joe Miller. A special thanks to the Maine Board(s) for hosting a very well run meeting
with individual thanks to Mike King, Bradley Fogg, Mike Violette &  Ken Roberts for the hours spent in preparation for this meeting. Any and all comments on the lunch free shortened meeting format are solicited.
Tenative 2005 NCAA Rule Changes
The tenative rule changes submitted for approval this year are somewhat limited.The substitution rule relating to goalkeepers would be changed from 'unlimited', to 'one re entry in each period of play'. The language concerning keeper uniform will require that they be different from field players, eliminating the difference from officials or opposing keeper.
Undershirts do not have to match uniform shirt for players.'Lance Armstrong' rubber bracelets are specifically defined as illegal. Once again,these are tenative. Final changes will be presented at the August meeting
OK, NOW YOU ARE LATE!!!! Plan B. ADD $10 to the amounts indicated below and send in by December 20. PLAN C WILL INVOLVE IBUPROFEN!!
Time is nearing for NISOA/NEISOA dues. Please send your check, made out to your Chapter Contact, by November 15.The dues schedule is as follows:
Current Active Members: $100 ( $75/NISOA: $25/NEISOA)
Current Inactive Members: $50 ( $40/NISOA : $10/NEISOA)
National Assessor: $60
Regional Assessor: $50
Local Assessor: $40
New Members: $120 ( $90/NISOA : $30/NEISOA)   
The NY Metro Chapter Interpretation meeting wil be Saturday, 26 August 2006 at the CW Post campus of Long Island University. Go to www.cwpost, and  click on the link for directions. The meeting will begin with a continental breakfast at 8AM. Any further concerns, please contact me. Please be aware that this is an  interpretation meeting ONLY.( Last year, several people came expecting to take  a fitness test.)
Fred Streeter, past president of NEISOA in the formative years and the first president of the Vermont Chapter,passed away on January 29.  A memorial service was held on Sat. Feb. 3 at 1:30 P.M. at Randolph Union High School. 
The Executive Board of NEISOA has voted to award three Scholarships in the amount of $150/each to any current NEISOA member who is interested in attending the NISOA Referee Camp in Elizabethtown. Anyone interested in applying for one of these scholarships should submit a letter of request to the current NEISOA President, Brad Fogg, before April 1. In your letter, explain why you wish to attend the camp. Successful applicants will be reimbursed $150 upon completion of the camp. NISOA will also contribute to the expense of the camp, so that the attendee's cost will be limited to travel expense
NISOA members
 The NISOA Foundation Fund offers grant scholarships for it's members to attend the NISOA soccer  referee training camp each summer.   In an effort to raise funds for these scholarships NISOA has formed a  partnership with  Along with, NISOA invites you to change YOUR online shopping into support for a truly worthy cause.  As you can see, when you sign up by Jan. 31 and make an online purchase  within 45 days, NISOA gets an automatic $5.00.  This does not cost you a  dime!   Send this along to your family and friends, the more we have signed up,
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We are pleased to announce that RACHEL WOO (EM) has been named as the 2006 recipient of the prestigious Heights Award at Boston College, in recognition of her significant contributions in furthering Women's Athletics. Please congratulate her when you see her
The NCAA Division 1 Men's Final was officiated in the middle  by one of our own, ERICH SIMMONS (EM) and he did, as expected , a great job. RACHEL WOO (EM)  had the middle on one of the NCAA Division 1,  Women's Semi-Final matches, and did her usual outstanding job. Congratulations to both Erich & Rachel
 We have lost two members in recent months. Fred Streeter (VT)  and Paul Bezeredi (NH) will be remembered with a moment of silence at our August Meeting
A number of ECAC soccer officials have not paid their assignment fee.  The original memo is below.   I double checked the MOU that is in effect  through 2009 and the late fee is $15.00.  If you have not sent this fee in yet it needs to be sent by 9/15/07, along with the $15.00 late fee. The first OPS payment to soccer officials will be on or around 10/7/07.  If you have not sent in your assignment fee plus late fee this payment could be delayed.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.
8    2007 ECAC Annual Soccer Registration Fee:
Please send your check or money order (made payable to the ECAC) to Karen Roberts, ECAC Soccer, PO Box # 3, Centerville, MA 02632 in accordance with categories below and the actual number of game  assignments you have been given on the release date, Monday, July 23, 2007.
2007 Soccer Registration Fees
The assignment fees will be: 
1-5 game assignments    $40
6-10 games             $65
11-15 games             $85
16-24 games              $100
25 or more games        $150
The 2007 NEISOA Mandatory Meeting was hosted by the Vermont Chapter on Saturday, August 4 @  U-32 High School, E. Montpelier, VTAfter an inspirational salute to one of our membership, Alan Johnston,a legitimate hero, recently returned from Iraq and still recovering from wounds incurred there, the meeting went on schedule. The featured presenter was Tom Supple, a NEISOA member since 1993 and current FIFA AR. Tom offered his experience and knowledge about the duties
of the Assistant Referee in the modern game. Spellbinding. Our thanks to the Vermont SOA for hosting this event.
The 2007 NCAA Rules changes may be viewed at
ApprovedSoccerRulesChanges.pdf?ObjectID=46937=0ate=0  They may also be viewed by clicking on the NISOA link on this site, and then the Rules/Changes Link. The major change relates to restarts after injuries, which will now be a drop ball, regardless of possession.
 NISOA has notified the regional boards that anyone who does not achieve a 1.0 average on the Physical Testing will be ineligible to work College games in 2007 until they have either successfully retested, or received a passing assessment from a NISOA assessor  prior to any college game assignment. The assessment may be on any  game U-16 or above in game level 
Anyone who has not satisfied the Physical Testing Requirement by August 6, will be ineligible to be considered
for games !!! This has been agreed to by the assignors. Any official who works a college game in 2007 without having satisfied the physical testing requirement, WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE 2008 SEASON!!!!
In addition, please note that members must pass the test with an average of 1 point. Members who do not pass the test
must be assessed before they are eligible for game assignment
Please join in congratulating GUNTHER SIHLER (VT) on his being named as NISOA Region 1, Referee of the Year for the 2006 season.Gunther has consistently represented NEISOA in a fashion that represents the highest ideals of NEISOA/NISOA
TO:       Current and past members of NEISOA
FROM:  Paul Bourdeau, Charter and Honorary Life Member of NEISOA
I would like to thank NEISOA for providing the opportunity to seek support for Larry Briggs’ induction into the UMass Athletic Hall of Fame, Class of 2008. We ask both active, non-active and past members (retired) of NEISOA who knew Larry or knows of Larry’s
contributions to soccer to join us in this effort. Mr. Briggs needs your help in sending letters or E-mails of support. Let me thank those of you in advance for your effort in thiscause. It is important to realize that whatever we have reaped monetarily or personally 
through soccer officiating is a direct result of Lawrence E. Briggs vision and leadershipas the “Founder and Father of Soccer Officiating in New England and in the United States.
In addition to Larry’s story on the “Honor Roll” Link on the NEISOA website, I offer you the following information:
            Larry coached UMass varsity soccer 1929-1967, 39 years.
       He is regarded and recognized throughout the U.S. as the “Father of Soccer Officiating”.
He founded the PVSOA, the first organized chapter in MA & N.E., 1947; the NEISOA, the first regional chapter in the U.S., 1957; and NISOA, the officially recognized National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association, 1964.
 He called 30-40 N.E. referees to a meeting in a classroom at Clark University to formulate  plans and organize NEISOA.
He called six reputable officials from the northeast to a 1963 meeting in Skinner Park, So. Hadley, MA to formulate plans and organize NISOA.
He directed and served as parliamentarian at a meeting of 66 U.S. referees at the Manhattan Hotel in NYC and founded NISOA, January 1964.
Larry is an “Honorary Life Member” of all three associations. The PVSOA “Larry Briggs Award” is presented annually to an individual who has madeoutstanding contributions to soccer over a long period of time, 1947-2007, 61 years.
The NEISOA “Larry Briggs Award” is presented annually to the MVP high school soccer player in 5 of the N.E. states. 1971-2007, 37 years.
Larry is credited with developing and instituting the ”Dual System of Soccer Officiating” and the establishment of the “first officiating assignments committee” in the U.S.
He received the NISOA Honor Award, 1967.
He was inducted into the NATIONAL SOCCER HALL OF FAME IN Oneonta as a BUILDER  (sustained and positive impact on U.S. soccer at the national level, 1978; as a COACH, 1991; and as an OFFICIAL, 2000.
He is one of only two soccer coaches in NCAA Soccer History to be inducted as an official and coach.
            Please send your support letter or E-mail after January 6 and prior to March 8, 2008 to the UMass Athletic Director listed below.
Last year 8 support letters were lost or misplaced. I am asking anyone who sends a letter or E-mail in support of Larry to send me a copy so that I may have an official record and willbe able to supply the committee with a complete file, if necessary.
John McCutcheon, A.D                                        Paul Bourdeau
Mullins Center, Room 308                                  1205 Cannes Place
University of Massachusetts                               Carrollton, TX 75006
Amherst, MA 01003                                           Tel: (972) 245-7779
            E-mail:                   prbcfb@verizon,net        
 We are saddened to announce the passing of one of our members , Al Lopes. To those in Eastern Mass, he was an icon and  represented, at all times, the highest ideals  of this profession. A true gentleman, he will be missed
We are all most pleased that three of our members have achieved, on the National level, a status of recognition that reflects on all members of NEISOA
Joe Miller (GNH) is President-Elect of NISOA. Joe's efforts and talents on behalf of New England, while President of NEISOA, will now be available to all members of NISOA in his new capacity as President of the National Organization. 
Congratulations, Joe.
John ( Biff) Buckley (EMA) has been recognized by NISOA for his long, long,long, long history of service to NISOA both as a Referee, with seven NCAA finals, and as  a Clinician, in fact the top clinician in the country. John will be inducted into the National Soccer  Hall of Fame, as a Referee, in August at the Hall of Fame site in Oneonta, NY. Well deserved, Buck.
Erich Simmons (EMA) has been selected as the Region 1 Referee of the Year for the year 2007. If ever there was a role model to point to for our younger, aspiring officials, not only on the field, but off the field as well, it would be Erich. 
He is the consummate Referee. Congratulations, Erich. Thank you for your dedication. 
Dues Collection
 A little reassurance is in order. The expectation is that this organization is made up of mature, responsible individuals who understand that it is their personal obligation to get their dues paid on time. If a Chapter Contact reminds you of that obligation they  are not harassing you, they are doing you a personal favor. Secondly, the Chapter Contacts  are not racing down to the bank to deposit your check and collect the interest on your deposited check. The Chapter Contacts are following a procedure that allows you to send  one check. These checks are deposited and National & Regional checks are then submitted along with required documentation. The Chapter Contacts receive no fee for this service.
>   New York Metro 2009 Mandatory Annual Rules Clinic
                      Sat, August 29, 2009
                      9:00 am to 11:30 am
The meeting will start at 9:00 AM in the fieldhouse (campus map in pdf format) at New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY. The NISOA Fitness Test  will not be held at this clinic. Please note this is a new site for us this year.
As always, we welcome guests and other NISOA members to our annual meeting. Please sign up after June 1 so we can properly plan for the event. 
Sadly, we must announce the passing of one of our members. Guido Tino ( WCT) a regionalassessor and member since 1991 has passed from a massive stroke                    
The Cape Cod Chapter was dissolved in October of 2009 upon the transfrer of Brian Shacter to CA The NEISOA Annual Mandatory Meeting was held on Saturday, August 1.We were fortunate to have three outstanding Presenters:Cliff McCrath, outstanding former coach at Seattle Pacific University, where he won five NCAA D2 championships,and current NISOA/NCAA Liaison, gave a motivational talk. He was followed by Tom Supple , current FIFA Assistant Referee, who imparted some of his knowledge on the duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Referee. Tom arrived home from a MLS function at 4 am and made the extra effort for us.  Not only an outstanding presenter, but a true role model as well. The last session was a typical top notch presentation by our NEISOA Rules Interpreter and 40 year Award recipient, Dr John Buckley. John has a gift. Overall it was a smooth running event with the largest turnout we have had. 316 NEISOA officials made the effort to come to Groton. Next year, New Hampshire. All members should be aware that the NISOA insurance that each ofus pays for, will not cover you in the event an incident occurs, if your gamepartners are not NISOA members and/or you are not using NCAA rules. Therehave been instances of Non NISOA crews being assigned ( ACC?) and you would have personal exposure. For that matter, the USSF coverage would not apply in a non-affiliated USSF game either, so beware!!
To all members who have not yet satisfied their obligation to take the NISOA PT test prior to working a college game in 2009. The stated NEISOA policy is that any member who works a college game prior to taking the NISOA physical will besuspended. ALSO, any member who works a college game with a non nisoa member OR A MEMBER WHO IS NOT IN GOOD STANDING is subject to disciplinary action. You would be jeopardizing your status AND THE STATUS OF A FELLOW MEMBER if you should elect to ignore this policy,
If either team is not leading i.e. ?winning? the game the clock is not stopped on any substitution. If one team is leading and that team substitutes during the last five minutes of the second period only, the clock stops;regardless of whether
 the losing team substitutes.
C. Cliff McCrath, Secretary-Rules Editor
NCAA Men's and Women's Soccer Rules Committee
 The Annual Mandatory meeting was held at Southern New HampshireUniversity on August 1. Special thanks to Doug Blais and Dave Bruno for their efforts in providing an exceptional venue and agenda.Sincere apologies to John Budynkiewicz in omitting his name during service awards. John has been a high profile contributing member of NEISOA for 30 years.
The agenda included presentations by Cliff McCrath, Jim Triplett, Dr John Buckley and a panel of coach/players with Doug Blais as moderator.The business meeting include the election of Jack Breetveld as President, 
Phil Acebo as Vice President and Ken Roberts as Secretary/Treasurer.  The membership unanimously voted to accept the new By Laws The Executive Board is in the process of considering making the New England meeting a biannual meeting, to be held in even numbered years with the meeting in odd numbered years to be held in each state. You will be
made aware of progress The Answer Sheet to the 2010 Refresher Test may be downloaded from the Forms Link
 2010 NCAA Rule Changes
 The primary issue relates to handling perceived concussions. The sanctity of the rules is subordinate to the needs of society, so that there will be specific instructions coming out on how do deal with this situation
 Recommendations from the soccer rules committee include a more restrictive card accumulation formula for players and coaches who have compiled five or more cautions in a season. Once a player or coach accumulates five cards in a season, he or she must  sit out the next game. Subsequent one-game suspensions are enacted once that player or coach accumulates three more cards. 
The rules committee, though, is recommending a 5-3-2 progression in part because of membership feedback indicating interest for a more restrictive formula.
In other action, the committee:
Agreed that the head coach no longer needs to notify a referee of his or her desire to protest before the referee signs the scoresheet. The coach has up to 72 hours after the end of the game to file a protest.
Added language regarding “hesitation moves” or feigning and stop-start moves by players taking penalty kicks. Inasmuch as the goalkeeper is permitted to dance back-and-forth on the goal line and feign moves before the kick, the committee
allowed the same for the kicker; however, the hesitation move does not allow the kicker to stop completely.
Agreed to streamline the rules book by removing a number of approved rulings  and combining Rules 12 and 13 under the heading of “Fouls and Misconduct.” 
We are sad to report that STAN BERNATOWICZ of the Pioneer Valley ISOA  passed away last Monday,10/18. For those of you that remember, Stan served us as President from 1984 through 1986 and then Ex-Officio until 88.  Previously he had been on the Executive Committee for several years. Stan also was an assessor for NISOA in later years and attended our annual meeting every year up until 4 years ago.
 We are indeed sad to announce the passing of Rich Filippetti ( CMA 1994) on December 23 after a long battle with cancer. Rich redefined the word 'tough'. He was a major contributor to the youth soccer program in Massachusets, 
and to simply say he will be missed, is an understatement. 
 It is with a deep sense of loss that we report the passing of Robert ( Bob) Gauthier ( BC) on December 8, 2010. Those who knew Bob are universal in the eulogy that he was a kind, gentle man, who also was a big contributor to the soccer  community
 The Executive Board voted unanimously , on July 31, 2010, to add 
Ted Szymkowicz to the Honor Roll
 We , again, are sad to report the passing of former member Alerino Iacobo ( RI). Mr Iacobo was a long time NEISOA member prior to retiring last year
NISOA Code of Ethics
That I shall always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
That I will conduct myself professionally and maintain the dignity of my position.
That I shall always honor a contractual obligation.
That I will endeavor to attend my NISOA Local Chapter meetings and clinics to become more  knowledgeable of the rules and how they shall be interpreted.
That I will always carry my share of the load in every assignment I accept and strive to achieve maximum teamwork with my fellow officials.
That I shall be loyal to my member officials and never knowingly permit or promote criticism of them.
That I shall be in good physical condition for every game assignment I accept and be in the right position at the right time during the game.
That I will control the players effectively by being courteous arid considerate without sacrificing firmness.
That I shall do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves.
That I shall not make statements about any game I officiate except to clarify an interpretation.
That I shall live up to the credo of the ideal official “Who notices everything but seldom notices self.”
That I shall consider it a privilege to be a member of NISOA and will uphold it at all times.
That I shall not solicit or assign college or high school games without authorization of my NISOA 
Local Chapter, a college conference, a NFHS-affiliated State High School Athletic Association, or NISOA. That I shall not embarrass or discredit my fellow officials, my NISOA Local Chapter, or NISOA. That, as a NISOA member and an appointed games Assignor, I shall service all intercollegiate educational institutions with only NISOA-qualified, NISOA-certified and NISOA-registered members.
On June 24th and 25th a NISOA/ISOAB Regional Clinic will be offered at Marist College in Poughkeepsie New York.  We will have representatives from ISOAB and Cliff Mc Grath at the  clinic.  The clinic will be held on Friday evening, June 24th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. On Friday evening the college written exam will be administered to new candidates.   On Saturday the clinic will run from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There will be a physical fitness test administered from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. on the 25th that existing members are welcome  to attend.  If present NISOA members attend the full clinic they will receive credit from NISOA in lieu of attending one of their three mandatory in season meetings.  A comprehensive agenda will be forthcoming.
The cost of this clinic will be $130.00 for new candidates.  This will cover local chapter registration costs in addition to the clinic fee.  The cost of the clinic for existing members is $20.00, which will cover breakfast, lunch, and other miscellaneous items.   Breakfast will  be provided at the Marist campus on the on the 25th and lunch will take place at Cosimos restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York at approximately 12:00 noon.  
Important aspects that will be discussed at this regional clinic are the differences that exist  between NISOA, USSF, and NFHS rules and laws.  Please refer to the following URL to download  a document that will prove very useful:
If you have prospective or existing members that would like to attend this clinic or a component of the clinic, please contact either Enrico Romano or me.  We can be reached at the numbers referenced below.
Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
Mark Sutherland                                         Enrico Romano
Secretary/Treasurer                                    President
Mid Hudson New York NISOA                     Mid Hudson New York NISOA                    
845-551-0276 cell                                       845-724-5458 cell               
Executive Board ,Sunday,December 4  , Babson College ,  9AM 
Connecticut: Sunday,  July 24... Maloney High School, Meriden 9am--12pm
Maine: Sunday, July 24..... Room 211 in Peter Buck Center for Health and Fitness  at Bowdoin College ( directions upon request).  9 am to 1pm
Massachusetts: Saturday, August 6..... Holy Cross College, Worcester--9am to 1pm
New Hampshire: Saturday, July 30..... New Hampshire Tech, Concord--- 2pm to 5pm
Rhode Island: Tuesday, August 2..... Rhode Island Interscholastic Office, Bldg#6   600 Mount Avenue, Providence---6pm to 9pm
Vermont:  Saturday, August 6.....South Burlington High School, Burlington--10am to 1pm
                           2011 NISOA PHYSICAL FITNESS SITES/DATES
Connecticut: Sunday, July 17..Wethersfield High School, Wethersfield 8:30am  Contact-Art Hamm
             Thursday, June 30....Eastern CT University, Mansfield  6:30pm   Contact: Mark Paquette
Maine:  Sunday, June 26....Georges Valley HS, Thomaston  530pm    Contact- Mike King
        Thursday, July 21....Greely HS, Cumberland   5:30pm   Contact- Mike Violette
        Sunday, July 24... Immediately following the Mandatory Meeting  Contact-Mike Violette
Massachusetts: Sunday, July 17.... Brockton HS, Brockton   9am     Contact: Bill Carey
               Sunday, July 31.... Emerson Park, Concord  9am    Contact: Bill Carey
               Tuesday, July 12... Oxford HS, Oxford 6pm            Contact: Jim Triplett
               Friday, July 15.....  Ludlow HS, Ludlow  5pm           Contact: Tony Goncalves
New Hampshire: Saturday, July 30.. New Hampshire Tech, Concord  12:30pm   Contact: Doug Blais
                               ( immediately preceding the Mandatory Meeting)
Rhode Island:   Thursday, July 28... Moses Brown, Providence, 6pm   Contact: Lou DiNobile
                Wednesday, August 3... CLF Field, Pontiac Ave, Cranston  6pm  Contact: Jack Breetveld
Vermont:   Monday, July 18... South Burlington HS, Burlington, 6pm   Contact: David Barra
           Tuesday, July 26... Rutland HS, Rutland  6pm      Contact: Gunther Sihler
           Saturday, August 6...South Burlington High School, Burlington 1pm Contact: David Barra
                                                   ( immediately following the Mandatory Meeting )
Members may attend any one of the State meetings, National Referee Camp, NISOA Convention 
or Long Island( in odd number years) to satisfy their obligation. The Long Island meeting
is not an option in even number years
 We are sad to report the passing of Victor Costa , of the Ocean 
State Chapter. Victor passed away on Wednesday, June 1, from complications
from brain surgery
  OSI Credit Card Issue
From OSI
We are writing to inform you of an unauthorized access to a database containing the personal information of some of our web site customers.  The incident involved a SQL injection attack by a foreign group called “ZmEu @ WhiteHat Team” who attacked several companies.  At the recent discovery of this breach we have taken several measures to re-secure our web site. This breach applies only to customers who have ordered on our web site, customer information  from telephone, fax or mail orders are not affected. These are the steps we have taken to ensure the security of our web site.  OSI has rotated all  customer information databases, access codes and security protocols to quarantine our site and eliminate future unauthorized access.  We have also purged all personal customer  information from databases and backups as an extra precaution. 
 We encourage everyone to be vigilant and take action to check on their credit card account.  Call your card issuing bank and report the possibility of unauthorized access to your information.  Review your card statements carefully and report any unauthorized use.  Routinely check your  credit report.  We suggest using Equifax (, Experian ( or TransUnion  ( to check your credit report. We regret the inconvenience this has caused our web site customers and appreciate all of the  information we have received that aided our investigation of this incident.  We will remain vigilant in our ongoing efforts to make your online shopping completely safe.
Marilou Tobin
             Thursday, June 28....Eastern CT University, Mansfield  6:pm   Contact: Mark Paquette
                                      Mansfield Outdoor Complex
              Sunday,July 22......Wethersfield HS...8am for names from A-M, 9am for N-Z
                                                                            contact: Art Hamm
        Thursday, July 19....Greely HS, Cumberland   5:30pm   Contact- Mike Violette
Massachusetts: Sunday, July 15.... Quarry Hills Field, Quincy,   9am     Contact: Bill Carey
               Sunday, July 29....     Emerson Park, Concord  9am    Contact: Bill Carey
               Wednesday, July 11... Oxford HS, Oxford 6pm            Contact: Jim Triplett
               Wednesday, July 18..... Holyoke Community College  5pm           Contact: John Budynkiewicz
New Hampshire:  Friday, July 27... Southern NH University,6pm      Contact: Doug Blais
               Saturday, July 28..Manchester Memorial HS,...12:30PM  Contact: Dave Bruno
               Tuesday, August 14, Winnisquam HS, Laconia ..5:30/6:00pm.....Contact: Dave Bruno         
Rhode Island:   Thursday, July 26... Moses Brown, Providence, 6pm   Contact: Lou DiNobile
                Monday, July 16... CLCF Field, Pontiac Ave, Cranston  6pm  Contact: Jack Breetveld
Vermont:   Thursday, July 26... South Burlington HS, Burlington, 6pm   Contact: David Barra
                    Saturday, July 28...  South Burlington HS, Burlington. 10am contact: David Barra
                   Tuesday, July 24... Rutland HS, Rutland  6pm      Contact: Gunther Sihler
                   Thursday, July 28... Rutland HS, Rutland  6pm      Contact: Gunther Sihler
 Annual Mandatory NISOA/NEISOA Meeting will be held at
           The College of the Holy Cross, The Hogan Center, in
           Worcester, MA on Sunday August 5 ,Registration beginning at 8:00AM.
           There will be no Physical Fitness Testing at the Mandatory Meeting.
            Additional details will be forthcoming
 The NCAA has now turned on the registration process for 2012 post season.  If you have not yet registered, then you must complete the process before you can complete  any NISOA testing for the National Academies. Anyone wishing to do post season games must  be registered with the NCAA for 2012. There is no cost to NISOA members as it is included  in your national dues, but you must register.
Those of you that are Regional or National Assessors, National Referees, or National Referee  Candidates and have not taken the NISOA National Certification Test will need to follow the  steps below to be able to take the exam.
1. Log onto the web-site and select the NCAA Central Hub option.
2. Select the 'Registration' tab on the black bar at top of home page.
3. Select 'NISOA Member' on the next screen that appears and complete the registration  steps and click Finish at the end.
4. Return to the home page and select 'Testing' tab on the black bar at top of home page.
5. Under open tests, select the NISOA National Certification Test and complete with a score  of 80 or above to pass. 
NISOA is now accepting online applications for the 2013 Referee Training Camp in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania from July 7, 2013 through July 11, 2013. Various 
scholarships and grants are available for applicants as indicated on the application form.
The NISOA Referee Training Camp is a unique, four day residential training program that focuses on improving soccer referees at the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels.
The Independent Soccer Officials Assigning Bureau (ISAOB) wants to add  officials as ARs and Referees to work matches in New England and New York.
If you are not currently getting assignments from ISOAB and wish to work for  ISOAB as an AR or as the Referee you can contact : Luciano Governale at or 860-673-6843 to schedule an assignment this spring using the Ref-Talk System We will be using the Ref-Talk System for many matches assigned by ISOAB so training on this is very important in order for us to serve the match.   The spring assignments will be used to help determine your fall schedule with ISOAB. Those of you who’ve already received three or more assignments from ISOAB  need not contact Mr. Governale unless you wish to be considered for  additional matches
In this same regard, effective with the 2013 season, any member who has not satisfied their PT obligation by the first weekend in August, will be required to  submit a check for $ 100, made out to NEISOA, prior to any test numbers being  accepted. There are a minimum of 15 site/dates available, in the six weeks prior to the mandatory meeting,for members to satisfy that obligation and it has become a problem to deal with those who cannot get that done
Please check and the NCAA Hub on a regular basis.  Updated  information and video training is posted on a regular basis.  NCAA Hub has information about recent protests, improper overtime procedures and improper mechanics on fighting red card. Please review the summary on NCAA Hub carefully
John van de Vaarst
Director of Operations, NISOA
NISOA Code of Ethics
That I shall always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
That I will conduct myself professionally and maintain the dignity of my position.
That I shall always honor a contractual obligation.
That I will endeavor to attend my NISOA Local Chapter meetings and clinics to become  more knowledgeable of the rules and how they shall be interpreted.
That I will always carry my share of the load in every assignment I accept and strive to  achieve maximum teamwork with my fellow officials.
That I shall be loyal to my member officials and never knowingly permit or promote criticism of them.
That I shall be in good physical condition for every game assignment I accept and be in the right position  at the right time during the game.
That I will control the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing firmness.
That I shall do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves.
That I shall not make statements about any game I officiate except to clarify an interpretation.
That I shall live up to the credo of the ideal official “Who notices everything but seldom notices self.”
That I shall consider it a privilege to be a member of NISOA and will uphold it at all times.
That I shall not solicit or assign college or high school games without authorization of my NISOA Local Chapter, a college conference, a NFHS-affiliated State High School Athletic Association, or NISOA.
That I shall not embarrass or discredit my fellow officials, my NISOA Local Chapter, or NISOA.
That, as a NISOA member and an appointed games Assignor, I shall service all intercollegiate educational institutions with only NISOA-qualified, NISOA-certified and NISOA-registered members in good standing.
That as a NISOA member I will not accept any assignments at an institution to with I or any member of my immediate family are affiliated.
That as a NISOA assignor I will not contract with an institution or conference to which I or any member of my immediate family are affiliated.
 Rachel Woo ( EMA) has been inducted into the NISOA Hall of Fame on Saturday , July 20, 2013. Rachel has had an out-standing career including 17 NCAA Final Four Championships, 2NAIA Championships, and numerous conference
championships. In addition,Rachel served as a FIFA official from 2001-2007  and officiated in China, Germany, Canada, and Portugal. Other NISOA awards  Rachel has earned include the Rosella Bernabei Woman Referee of the Year, 2009; George Faragallah National Referee Achievement Award,2008; and Region I Referee of the Year, 2001. Those of us who are fortunate enough to know Rachel and have watched her Officiating career unfold, well know that her accomplishments both on and off the field are enormous, and that she is a slam dunk choice to be in the NISOA Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Rachel !!! 
  ECAC and Region 21, (Bunker Hill, Mass Bay, etc) reached a new agreement  for soccer, a 1 year deal,   The good news is that all games, men and women, will  be 3 person games.   So more games for everyone.   Bad news is the fees,  Ref is $150, AR is $100.  Annual Registration; NCAA Soccer Central Hub Posted: 04 Jun 2013 08:03 AM PDT All NISOA members are reminded to complete your annual registration with the NCAA on the Registration tab of the NCAA Soccer Central Hub. You must register each year  to take the NCAA Soccer Rules Test and indicate whether you wish to be considered  for a NCAA Soccer tournament assignment. Registration is free of charge for NISOA members.
If you are having any technical problems with the ArbiterSports web site, please contact  ArbiterSports technical support during the following hours:
Phone: 801-576-9436
Hours: Monday-Thursday — 5 am to 7 pm MT Friday — 5 am to 5 pm MT
Saturday — 8 am to 2 pm MT
 2 members of NEISOA worked the Championship Match of the
 2013 NCAA Division 1 Women's College Cup. Scott Kachmarik was AR1
 and Mark Allatin was fourth official.Claudiu Badea was AR1 for
 the Semi-Final of the Men's college Cup.
 Proud of you, Gentlemen.
 We are saddened to report the passing of Francesco(Frank)Scarcella on April 30. Frank was a Life Member of NEISOA after many years of distinguished service and was a giant in the Eastern MA ISOA as both a Referee and as an Instructor. There are countless referees to whom he served as Mentor and Friend. He will be sorely missed
       Sunday, June 29,6PM, Oceanside West, Thomaston...Contact: Mike King
       Wednesday,July 16,5:30PM,Greely HS, Cumberland...Contact: Mike Violette
        If postponed due to weather, it will be July 17, same time/site
       Sunday, July 13, 9AM, Quarry Hills, Quincy...  Contact: Bill Carey
       Sunday, July 27, 9AM, Emerson Playground, Concord..Contact: Bill Carey
       Tuesday, July 15, 6PM, Oxford HS, Oxford,Ma....Contact: Jim Triplett
       Wednesday, July 23, 5pm,Holyoke Community College,,Holyoke,.. Contact: John Budynkiewicz
        Tuesday, July 22, 6pm, Foster Road Park, Essex,,,,,, Contact: Dave Barra
        Thursday, July 24, 7pm, Rutland High School, Rutland.... Contact: Gunther Sihler
Rhode Island:
         Monday, July 21, 6pm, CLDF Field, Pontiac Ave, Cranston... Contact: Jack Breetveld
         Thursday, July 24, 6pm, Moses Brown Field, Providence.... Contact: Lou DiNobile
         Wednesday,June 18, 6:30PM, MYS Soccer Complex, Middletown...Contact : Sal Corsino
         Sunday, July 27, 8am, Wethersfield HS, Wethersfield.... Contact: Art Hamm
New Hampshire:
        Monday, July 7, 6:30pm,Exeter High School,Exeter (turf)..Contact: Dave Bruno
        Saturday, July 26, 1pm, Memorial HS., Manchester,...Contact: Dave Bruno
Regional Referee of the Year Award for 2013
Region I – Victor Matheson (CMA)
Congratulations to Victor Matheson ( CMA) on his selection as NISOA Region 1 Referee of the Year. Victor brings a consistently high level of performance to the field and is always the epitome of professionalism. Beyond that, however, his  contributions to NISOA/NEISOA are immense off the field as well. The National Referee Program, NEISOA and Massachusetts Boards are all in his debt. We appreciate all that you do, Victor. Thank you and Congratulations  The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved changes to its end-of-match protocol and penalty-kick shootouts in men’s and women’s soccer on February 14.
PROP approved a slight rule change to address end-of-game situations in which the final horn doesn’t sound. The new rule will end the game when the clock strikes 0:00 in the event that the horn malfunctions. Previously, if the horn didn’t sound, the match was ended when the referee blew his or her whistle. The timekeeper will still audibly count down the final seconds and will say “zero,” to indicate that time is officially over.
PROP also approved a change involving penalty-kick shootouts. Once 10 kicks have been attempted, coaches will now be permitted to change the order of the next 10 kickers. Previously, the order of the kickers remained the same after the first 10 penalty kicks.
by Don Dennison, NISOA National Clinician
When you receive your new Rules Book this year, be sure to note the change in Rule 5.6.5  on page 27 which was not highlighted nor was it noted in the Major Rules Changes page appearing in the front of the book.  This change effectively removes the referee’s power to declare a forfeit. We are losing our President to Spain.Phil Acebo ( VT) will be moving his family to Spain in the next few months. He has served as NEISOA President since 2012 and has represented Vermont on the Executive Board for a number of years. Phil has not been a passive member and has been a major contributor to
NEISOA over the years. If you appreciate it when someone works in your behalf, let him know.
Congratulations to Louis Labbadia (CT)who was recently elected to the NISOA Hall of Fame. Each year, NISOA Hall of Fame members select one referee and one administrator for induction into the Hall of Fame. This year, Lou Labbadia (GNH) will be inducted into the NISOA Hall of Fame in the Referee category. Lou is a long time NISOA National Referee having officiated in six NCAA Men’s Division I Final Four matches, including the 1998 National Championship game as referee. He has also officiated in nine Men’s Division II and two Men’s Division III Final Four matches. Lou was also selected as the referee for a NAIA Men’s national championship match
 Annual Meeting is at State Level in 2015. Details here on May 5!! 
 Physical Testing Sites/Dates to be posted on May 5 
   State Mandatory Meeting Sites/Dates for 2015
     Sunday, July 26, 9-12, Holy Cross High School, Waterbury  Contact: Art Hamm
     Saturday, July 25, 9-12, Holy Cross College,Worcester Contact: Bill Carey
 New Hampshire
     Saturday, August 1,2-5pm, Memorial High School, Manchester Contact: Dave Bruno
 Rhode Island
     Tuesday, July 28, 6pm, RIIL office, Rhode Island College, Contact: Lou DiNobile
     Saturday, June 27, 9-12, Bowdoin College, Brunswick  Contact: Ken Roberts
             Meeting in Buck Hall-Room 211
     Sunday, August 9, 1 PM, Rutland          Contact: Gunther Sihler,
 Physical Testing Sites/ Dates for 2015
     Thursday, June 18,6:30Pm, MYS Soccer Complex, Middletown,,,Contact:Sal Corsino
     Sunday, July 26, 7: 30 am, Holy Cross High School, Waterbury,,Contact: Art Hamm
     Sunday, June 28, 9AM, Quarry Hills Field, Quincy,  Contact: Bill Carey
         Postponed due to Weather
     Sunday, June 28, 6:30pm, Roberts Field, Dorchester HS. Contact:Bill Carey
     Sunday, July 12, 9AM, Emerson Playground, Concord, Contact: Bill Carey
     Wednesday, July 15, 5pm, Holyoke Community College,  Contact: John Budynkiewicz
     Tuesday, July 14, 6PM, Oxford HS, Oxford,,,Contact: Jim Triplett
New Hampshire
     Monday, June 15, 7PM, University of New Hampshire, Durham Contact: Dave Bruno
     Friday, July 17, 7PM, Seacoast United Complex Fld 1, Epping  Contact: Dave Bruno
     Saturday,August 1 1PM Memorial High School, Manchester, Contact: Dave Bruno
Rhode Island
     Thursday, July 23, 6pm, Moses Brown Field, Providence Contact : Lou DiNobile
     Monday, July 20, 6pm, CLCS Bldg, Pontiac Ave, Cranston : Contact Jack Breetveld
      Sunday, June 14,6PM, Oceanside West School, Thomaston  Contact: Mike King
      Saturday, June 27,12:30pm, Bowdoin College, Brunswick Contact : Ken Roberts
      Thursday, July 16, 5:30pm, Greely High School, Cumberland Contact: Mike Violette
      Thursday, July 30, 7pm, Foster Road Park, Essex,,, Contact: Dave Barra
      Tuesday, August 4,7pm, Rutland High School, Rutland :  Contact :Gunther Sihler
By: Todd Abraham, NISOA Director of Instruction
There has been significant discussion in the global soccer community about the  interpretation and application of the Offside rule. FIFA has changed how to interpret  “deliberate play” and has been refining the interpretation and situation assessment. 
US Soccer and the professional leagues have been modifying instructional material  to align with the interpretation. At the mid-season NCAA rules committee meeting  in January 2015, the NCAA Rules Committee agreed to align fully with the  FIFA / US Soccer interpretation and application of the Offside rule. We will be  developing instructional material for the NRP, local chapter pre-season meetings  and Elizabethtown camps to reflect these interpretations.
The most stated criticism submitted from the 2015 season came from our own membership and it related to a lack of support for assistant referees from center referees in dealing with verbal abuse from the technical area ( coaches).
 On December 7, the Executive Board accepted and passed, the nomination of Stewart Schmidt for Honorary Membership.Stu became a  member in 1962 and is, basically, the founding father of NEISOA in  the state of Vermont.He was President of NEISOA in 1988/89 and Vermont State Rep for two separate six year terms. He is the consummate Gentleman and his contributions over the past 50 plus years are countless. NEISOA, not just Vermont, is in his debt.If you would like to contact Stewart and thank him, his email is
     June 16,Thursday,6:30PM,MYS Soccer Complex,Middletown..Contact: Sal Corsino
     July 24, Sunday, 8AM,Wethersfield HS,Wethersfield,..Contact: Art Hamm
     June 26,Sunday,6PM,Ocean Side West School,Thomaston..Contact: Mike King
     July 18,Monday,5:30PM,Greely High School, Cumberland..Contact: Mike Violette
  Rhode Island:
     July 21,Thursday, 6PM, Moses Brown Fld, Lloyd Ave, Providence..Contact Lou DiNobile
     July 25, Monday, 6PM, CLCS Field, Cranston..... Contact: Jack Breetveld
  New Hampshire: 
      June 6, Monday, 6:30PM, University of New Hampshire, Durham,.Contact : Dave Bruno
      July 26,Tuesday, 7PM, Rutland High School, Rutland....Contact: Gunther Sihler
      July 28, Thursday, 7PM,Foster Road Park, Essex Junction...Contact: Dave Barra
     July 19,Tuesday,5PM, Holyoke Community College  Contact: John Budynkiewicz
     July 12, Tuesday, 6PM, Oxford High School, Oxford... Contact: Jim Triplett
     July 10, Sunday, 9AM, Quarry Hills Fld, Quincy...Contact: John Buckley
     July 24, Sunday, 9AM, Emerson Playground, Concord....Contact: John Buckley
Elizabethtown NISOA Camp
There have been a few cancellations so slots remain open for female applicants.   Please reach out to female officials in your area and encourage them to register  for camp..  Full scholarship available.  Minimum requirement is 3 years of experience.
Thank you
John Van de Vaarst 
Executive Board, Friday, August 5, 2016, Fairmont Inn, Auburn, ,6PM
 Annual Mandatory Meeting,Saturday,August 6,Clark University, Worcester
                 Jefferson Academic Center,,,,,,,Room 320
         Registration: 8:30AM      Meeting : 9AM
Please go to the Forms Link to ,Download Parking Permit & Clark Campus Map
Noel Cotterell requested and received a clarification regarding the proper restart after a stoppage for review.If a goal keeper is in possession of the ball and the clock is stopped for video review of a goal/ no goal decision. What is the restart? 1.  Stoppage with goalkeeper in possession, IFK.  2.  Defense in possession, IFK  If goal is declared, change clock to time of goal and restart with kickoff.
One of our members, Tim Warrow (WME), was the victim of a house fire last week and lost all of his Soccer Referee
Gear in the fire. Anyone interested in helping Tim get back up to speed,should contact him ,,,,
and determine how you can help 
Be advised that Chris Matte ,Gary Kuba ,Dave Zwicker ,Denis Reisch  are not NISOA members. If you are assigned to a game with either of these individuals,you will be jeopardizing your membershipDO NOT WORK WITH THEM! 
          KUDOS TO:
Doug Blais: For his work in planning the Mandatory Meeting
Noel Cotterell for his quality effort in Rules Interpretation and in Moderating
Coach Amy Zombeck ( UMass-Boston) for her illuminating presentation on Coach Perspective
Claudiu Badea & Scott Kachmarik: For their highly professional presentation on Assistant Referee mechanics
President Joe Diament: For his leadership in putting together the meeting
Ken Roberts:The 'Glue' of NEISOA for over 50 years, without whom none of us would have been in attendance 
Susan Sparks: Who will be coming onto the Executive Board as an At Large member, with a focus on issues relating to our
Ladies, the best in the country
      Pioneer Valley: Monday, June 5, 5pm,,,,Holyoke Community College
                                                       Contact: David DelBuono
                          Tuesday, August 8, 5-7pm,,,,Holyoke Community College
                                 Contact: David DelBuono. PREREGISTER!!!!!!!
       Eastern Mass:Sunday, July 16, 8:30am, Emerson Playground, Concord
                                                       Contact: Bill Carey
                       Sunday, July 23, 9am, MIT Running Track, Cambridge
                                                       Contact: John Buckley
                      Wednesday, 7/26, 6PM, Medfield HS, Medfield
                                    PREREGISTER!!  Contact: Susan Sparks
                      Tuesday, 8/1, 6PM, Medfield HS, Medfield
                                    PREREGISTER!!  Contact: Susan Sparks
        Central Mass: Tuesday, July 11, 6pm, Oxford HS, Oxford
                                                       Contact: Jim Triplett
                        Wednesday, August 23, 6pm,Oxford HS, Oxford     LAST CHANCE!!!!!
                                                       Contact: Jim Triplett
                       Thursday, June 15, 6PM,,,Wesleyan University, Middletown
                                                ( Fountain Ave)  Contact: Sal Corsino
                      Sunday, July 23, 7am, Wethersfield HS, Wethersfield
                                             Contact: Art Hamm
VERMONT:                   Tuesday, July 25, 7pm, Foster Road Park, Essex
                                                            Contact: Dave Barra
MAINE:                     Thursday, July 13, 5pm,  Greeley HS, Cumberland
                                                          Contact: Mike Violette
                         Sunday, June 25 , 5pm, Medomak Valley HS, Waldoboro
                                             Contact : Mike King       ( 320 Manktown Road)
NEW HAMPSHIRE:             Monday, June 19, 6:30pm, Exeter HS , Exeter
                                                                  Contact: Dave Bruno
                      Monday, June 26, 6:30pm, Kimball Union Academy, Meriden
                                             Contact: Dave Bruno
                      Monday, July 10, 6:30pm, Bow HS, Bow
                                             Contact: Dave Bruno
RHODE ISLAND:       Monday, July 24, 6pm, East Greenwich HS, East Greenwich
                                                             Contact: Jack Breetveld
                   Tuesday, July 11, 6pm, Ponaganset HS, 91 Anan Wade Rd, North Scituate
                                            Contact : Lou DiNobile
To get the contact information of anyone in NEISOA, send an email thru this site ( you will receive
instruction. The Officers link has the list of Chapter Contacts, who collect your dues and act as your local chapter liaison with
NISOA. The Executive Board members handle administrative matters relating to your NEISOA membership as well as manage the mandatory requirements of NISOA to insure your good standing in the NISOA 
The Region 1 NISOA Referee of the Year Award for 2016 goes to Carlos Fernandes (EMA). Carlos is a great argument for
the value of having played at a high level in being able to translate that experience to officiating skills. He won many
honors as a player both at the college level and professionally. Watching him work, you can readily see how he relates to the players. Congratulations, Carlos.                              
We are very sad to report that Jack Breetveld, a giant of not only NEISOA but of soccer in New England, has passed away on January 17. Our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and members of Ocean State and  Rhode Island. To simply say he will be missed, is an understatement. 
Four members have been voted onto the NEISOA Honor Roll By the Executive Board at the January Board Meeting in recognition of their contribution to NEISOA
Ken Roberts
Jack Breetveld
John Budynkiewicz 
Lou  DiNobile 
 We make an effort to acknowledge the years of service contributed by our membership. Every
so often ,however, simply stating the years does not do service to a member whose contribution goes beyond
that of officiating soccer matches. 2018 represents 40 years of service to NEISOA by Frank Martel ( VT ).
During those 40 years, Frank has not only been a role model as an official, he has managed the assigning
of officials in Vermont in such a way that reflects positively on NEISOA. Have never had a complaint, only praise
for his efforts,,,,,,,,,Thank you, Frank.