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Severity of Fouls NCAA Fall 2021


2021 NISOA Pre-Season Guide


NCAA Pre-Season Reminders


2020-2021 NCAA Major Rule Changes


NCAA Rulebook Corrections 8/9/21



NISOA Refresher Exam with Rule References


NCAA Covid Rules Modifications


updated 6/1/21 NCAA Rules Changes Presentation


NISOA Refresher Exam PDF


NISOA Educational Series Summer 2021 

Session 5 recording


Session 4 recording


Session 3 recording


Session 2 recording


Session 1 recording


NCAA/NISOA 2021 Educational Series

past webinar recordings with quiz analysis


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NISOA Rules Changes Presentation 7/22/20


NISOA Educational Series Summer 2020


NISOA Stimulus Review Spring 2020


NCAA Soccer Rulebook 2020-2021



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